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Dataware is a software company based out of Tucson, Arizona whose products help application vendors optimize the performance of their applications via Dataware's patented field specialization technology



We built Dataware to address the performance needs of companies providing software for enterprise IT and for many other application domains.  Consider enterprise application software (EAS), which manages complex, large data. Data loading from transactional systems occurs nightly under strict time limitations. Queries over transactional and analytical data often take too long. Data volumes are increasing. CIOs report that data loads sometimes go over the set ingest period and that users are frustrated by long response times. ​​Dataware's technology directly alleviates such issues, and can also be applied to a range of other domains, including cloud computing, simulation, video/image analysis, and more.



Dataware’s field specialization technology allows application v​endors to substantially increase the performance of their applications. It achieves impressive speedups on challenging workloads with relatively small investment in development and testing, and is compatible with other approaches, and is effective on code bases comprised of millions of lines of code developed over decades. These speed-ups are achieved using small specializations that are easy to maintain. Contact us for further information.

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