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Research Software Developer


Date posted: May 5, 2016


Job Description

We are Dataware Ventures, a software startup working on our patent-pending technology that will greatly improve the performance of database management systems (DBMS) and other data-intensive applications. Our technology is called field specialization and consists of two steps. First, we've built tools to perform static and dynamic analyses over the appication source code to identify runtime invariants. Second, we've built a runtime library that allows the application developer to insert specialized code into the application to exploit the previously-found runtime invariants, thereby increasing performance significantly.


We seek a full-time research software developer to help us build C/C++ applications that implement our technology by analyzing and manipulating source code. This position will involve an ever-changing mix of (a) research in static and dynamic code analyses, code optimization, code preprocessing, and the like; (b) architecting, implementing, and enhancing those algorithms; (c) applying our tools and runtime to real-world applications; and (d) evaluating those algorithms on industrial-strength benchmarks. And all the glue in the middle. Each day will be challenging and exciting.

The position is truly remote and telecommute; no relocation is required. ALL of our team works remotely. (We don't even have an office.) Work from home in Denver, Starbucks in New York, or on the beach in California. It doesn't matter to us, as long as you produce the goods.


Skills and Requirements
  • Top-notch programming skills and a track record of getting stuff done

  • Ability to solve tough, open-ended problems through research and experimentation

  • Proven telecommuting skills: self-motivating, self-directing, and communicative

  • Experience in any of the following areas a big plus: 

    • Building static or dynamic analysis tools

    • Compiler technology

    • Code optimization

    • Hacking on DBMS internals

  • At this time, we are only considering applicants who can legally work in the US or Canada.



About Dataware Ventures

We’re a young company with funding, traction, and big goals. We're comprised of a small, geographically-dispersed team that works very well together. We have online meetings when we need to. We use GitHub for source control, issue tracking, code reviews, and technical documentation. We have a modern code base, a simple build system, automated testing, and good documentation. We strive for high-quality code while being as lean and nimble as possible.


We don't use corporate lingo, Lotus Notes, or prehistoric management practices. We believe in hiring smart people, giving them the tools they need, and getting out of their way. We keep meetings and other administrative trivia to a minimum.

We provide a flexible work schedule, a competitive salary, awesome hardware, and a great ergonomic chair. We meet in person and have fun from time to time. We’ll send you to conferences that you’re interested in. We’ll buy you books and any other materials that you need. Most of all, we’ll provide interesting challenges and a good environment in which to work.


To apply, please send contact

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