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Management Team

Richard Snodgrass
Co-founder and CEO

Rick is a recognized expert in databases and has helped craft the SQL standards that are implemented in major DBMSes today. He is an ACM fellow and has won numerous awards.  Rick is best known for his work in temporal databases and query optimization and evaluation.

Rui is a noted researcher in databases and DBMS field specialization. Rui has experience developing commercial DBMS products as well as open source DBMS products.

Saumya Debray
Co-founder and Chief Scientist 

Saumya has spent his career in areas of compilers and language implementation, focusing primarily on low-level program analysis, transformation, and optimization.



Dataware was founded in 2012. We work with large enterprise application software and cloud vendors to add field specializations to their systems to substantially speed up their applications.

Starting with representative workloads, our proprietary development process and associated tool set allow us to quick identify specialization opportunities. We then apply our spectrum of specialization approaches to realize performance improvements. Field specialization can deliver performance improvements more rapidly than conventional approaches.

We have an extensive IP portofolio. Our IP includes a collection of articulated categories of specialization invariants and methods for identifying and exploiting specialization opportunities.

Rui Zhang
Co-founder and former CTO
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