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Small company, big ideas!

Throughout the years of working with our customers on challenging projects, we have been steadily enhancing our products and services, with technology spanning across multiple disciplines within computer science, including database, program analysis, code generation, and dynamic instrumentation. Many innovative ideas have come out of our R&D pipeline. For us, we have learned a lot, making us world-class experts in delivering performance improvements to large complex systems. More importantly, for our customers, we are excited to be able to assist them to increase their business value with our innovations in field specialization technology.

We take pride in the innovations from our small R&D team. We have been granted a US patent (March 28, 2017), a Canada patent (September 19, 2017), and a Japan patent (November 2, 2017).

In addition, we have two patent applications covering more recent technology innovations. Both applications are now in the national phase and we have filed international applications in multiple countries and regions across the world.

Further, we have filed a provisional patent application on recent technology advances last year. We are now working on transforming this provisional application into a utility patent application to be filed in the next couple of months.

Innovation never slows down at Dataware!

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